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What Violin Students Say 

"I feel incredibly lucky to have had the most wonderful 5 years studying violin with Deirdre when I was a student at the Junior RNCM and I am so grateful to her for her dedication and commitment. She made learning the violin fun and rewarding. Her knowledge and passion are truly inspiring. I could not recommend her highly enough."  Steven, Principal 1st Violin Hallé Orchestra 2017 

"I studied with Deirdre for three years prior to my undergraduate degree and she proved to be an excellent teacher, especially for the development of my technical freedom and agility. I was adequately pushed by Deirdre and found not only my playing improved rapidly but also my practise quality and motivation." Tom, June 2018. Scholarship - Royal Academy of Music.

"Deirdre taught me since I was 7 years old and I could not have hoped for a better violin teacher. She has taught me both to play with a good technique, to play musically and to practice efficiently. It is because of this that I can now enjoy practising my violin for hours on end and playing in many ensembles at university. I owe a lot to Deirdre for giving me a skill and a hobby I truly love. Marek, 2019  

"Deirdre taught me violin for two years in sixth form, and I could never have anticipated the progress I would make thanks to her wonderful teaching. Her lessons are incredibly insightful, and helped me develop both my physical technique, and also my confidence in performance. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for an excellent standard of teaching!" Rachel, 2019

"Deirdre taught my son the violin from the age of seven, and not a single lesson was less than excellent. By the age of ten, he was playing in the National Children's Orchestra. At the age of 56 I decided to take up the viola. Each lesson I have had with Deirdre has been a delight and a revelation." Chris, 2019

"Deirdre is an outstanding violin teacher. Full of insight, patience, ideas, compassion and inspiration. I have been playing the violin for 46 years but Deirdre has taught me how to play and love the time with my instrument rather than just get through the notes. Importantly she has taught me how to practise. She was also amazing with one of the children as a beginner (141 violin exam result). First met Deirdre when she was coaching string quartets and she's great at that too."  Leah, 2017

"Deirdre is an amazing teacher, genuinely wants to help you learn not just the violin, but how to love the music you're playing too. She's also a lovely, humble person. Would recommend to anyone."  Chetham's student, 2016                                            

"Deirdre's musical talent, technical ability and skill in passing this on as a violin teacher cannot be bettered in the whole of the North-West area. This, however, is not the main reason she has been such a great teacher to my daughter. Rather, what sets her apart is her ability to relate to her violin pupils, to find imaginative ways to motivate them and help them with their playing and with their desire to keep playing. In other words, she works out what makes them tick and exploits this to the full! Deirdre always goes the extra mile, with lending music, recordings, instruments, bows, suggesting concerts and festivals, even giving up a whole afternoon once to travel to Blackpool with us to help my daughter choose a new violin. Music will always be part of my daughter's life thanks to Deirdre's encouragement and fine example."  KB 2017

"I was taught violin by Deirdre for seven years whilst I was a student at Chetham's School of Music. Deirdre is an excellent violin teacher and I find myself repeating things she taught me to my own students now that I teach myself. Deirdre taught me to have confidence in my ability and motivated me to practice, which was a difficult feat during my school years! She was always very supportive and encouraging whilst still instilling a strong technical foundation. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"  Stephanie 2017

Some lovely thank you notes

"Thank you so much for teaching me over the last 6 years. I can't explain how much you've helped me, so I just want to say...THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. You have been a wonderful teacher and I will always remember you. Many thanks." Eddie 2018

"Thanks you so much for all your work this term in getting me through all the college auditions. I couldn't have done any of them without your awesome teaching!" Rachel 2017

"Thank you so much for being an amazing violin teacher these past five years. You have helped me immensely. Thank you for always being so supportive and understanding of everything, it means a lot to me. I will never stop playing the violin and you'll always definitely be the best teacher I've ever had." Beryl 2017

"I just wanted to thank you enormously for helping me get to this stage over the last six years. It was definitely the best thing for me. I couldn't have done it without you."  Izzy, Violin Scholarship - Royal Northern College of Music 2016

"I've had the privilege of hearing my daughter play at festivals this last month and was thinking about how she has got to where she is now. She has had such a lot of pleasure over the years from her music and she now shares that pleasure with others so much more confidently and skilfully. You have played such a big part in all of this and I just wanted you to know how much I value all that you have shown her and given her. She is very lucky to have such a gifted violin teacher. Thank you."  Karen, 2015 

"It's been a wonderful three years, thanks for everything."  Stuart, Violin Scholarship - Royal Consevatoire of Scotland 2016 

"Thank you so much for being such a wonderful violin teacher and for putting up with me for the past nine years, especially when I was younger and I refused to practise things slowly and use my 4th finger! I have really enjoyed my violin lessons and I have learnt so much from you - I can now play more than just all those Disney songs with the CD accompaniments that I played in my first violin lesson!
Thank you for everything :)"  Iona, 2016 dipABRSM 

"Thank you for all the excellent tuition that you've given our daughter, and for enabling her to do so well in Grade 8 violin."  Caroline & Chris, 2015 

"Deirdre has made a huge difference to granddaughter Isabella's violin playing and enabled her to gain a place not only at Chetham's but also at RNCM. A caring as well as a skilled teacher!"  June, 2015